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Our vision

We strive to enhance animal health, animal welfare, public health and the protection of the environment by promoting the veterinary profession. Together with its members, We aim to support veterinarians in delivering their professional responsibilities to the best possible standard, and ensure that this expertise is recognised and valued by society.

About Us

Keeping animals healthy. Protecting people. Boosting the economy. Safeguarding the environment. Veterinarians play a vital part in society. And we play a vital part in making sure veterinarians can do their jobs well – for everyone’s benefit. We work to:
✱ Bring our members together and give them a strong, united voice they can use to influence the issues that matter. We focus on our priority issues: promoting the profession, animal health, animal welfare and public health.
✱ Provide the information our members need to perform well in their jobs – and take action on important issues – through forums, events and publications.
✱ Develop the very best Europe-wide standards for the veterinary profession, so veterinarians all act according to best practice.
✱ Enhance the quality of pre- and post-graduate veterinary training, including life-long learning, to make sure veterinarians are equipped to do the best job possible throughout their careers.
✱ Promote the importance of the veterinary profession, making sure people understand its huge contribution to society.

Personally, I have always felt that the best doctor in the world is the Veterinarian. He can't ask his patients what is the matter...he's just got to know.

Will Rogers

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